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Shiny Paw® by Therapeutic Pet Solutions™ offers a unique and highly-effective blend of pet coat and skin care treatments that combine natural and therapeutic ingredients with fragrant aromatherapy formulations to unleash the gentle cleansing, healing, and restorative power of nature.


Our line of shampoos, conditioners, healing sprays, coat fresheners, coat care and grooming products contain only cosmetic-grade, natural and organic plant extracts, vitamins and oils of the highest quality, sparing no expense.


Our formulas have been tested and proven effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and many other ailments and conditions that affect dogs, cats and other animals. Our products have no corticosteroids, no harsh chemicals, no harsh soaps or detergents, no drugs, no solvent alcohol, no antihistamines, no phenols, no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and are 100% bio-degradable.

They are never tested on laboratory animals.


Our unique natural plant extracts formulations have a gentle and broad pH-balance specially designed to provide therapeutic relief and promote healing.

Our formulas have been tested and proven effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and many other ailments and conditions that affect dogs, cats, and other animals.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is a key ingredient used in the Shiny Paw™ Shampoos.  Wheat proteins are embedded with natural lipids, giving the wheat protein a cationic charge that enables it to not only bond onto the pet’s hair and skin, but also provide a “custom” conditioning by focusing more on the areas that need it most.  It gives pet hair better body and control, while building a stronger and healthier coat.  It also reduces brittleness and limpness with dramatic effect on damaged hair.It is proven to penetrate cuticle, provide balanced moisture, nourish hair and skin, as well as minimize pores.

Silk Amino Acids are obtained by the hydrolysis of silk, a natural protein fiber. The soft lustrous thread woven by silkworms into silk cocoons are converted into Amino Modified Conditioners and are used in Shiny Paw™ Shampoos and Conditioners to give the skin a very soft and velvety feel. Silk amino acids also have a certain amount of antioxidant action allowing the prevention of coat and skin dehydration. 


Our unique fusion of herbal ingredients is designed to nurture, hydrate and improve the appearance of your pet’s coat and skin. The long-lasting, all-natural fragrances of our formulas leave the coat fresh and clean.


Our gentle formulas have a broad Ph balance and range. Natures’ most powerful healing powers will clean, penetrate and deliver the healthiest skin for your pet. Our formulas will boost your pet’s body conditioning as well as enhance and restore the shine and luster of their coat.

Our low-foaming formulation is the key to our long-lasting delivery; which is very unlike most shampoos that require the pet to be washed repeatedly in order to get the foam out, resulting in the coat smelling good for a few days only.

Our non-irritating, coconut-based surfactants surround and attach to dirt and oil particles, holding them in suspension within the water.  So, when the coat is rinsed with fresh water, the filth and grime are rinsed away, restoring the coat’s shine and luster.

Our products are hypoallergenic and protein enriched to hydrate the hair shaft and penetrate the cuticle to deliver a powerful cleaning performance and the healthiest animal skin.

Shiny Paw®
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