Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiny Paw® products totally natural? 

All Shiny Paw® formulations, oils and fragrances are totally natural. Our products have no corticosteroids, no harsh chemicals, no harsh soaps or detergents, no drugs, no solvent alcohol, no antihistamines, no phenols and no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS). All our products are also 100% bio-degradable.

Why does "cosmetic grade" matter, and what does it mean? 

We only use the finest and safest biodegradable, natural and cosmetic grade ingredients available. These are the same high quality FDA approved ingredients that are used in human cosmetic products, including the skin and hair care products that you would purchase for yourself, but are pH-balanced to accommodate the more sensitive skin of your pet. Shiny Paw® products are absolutely safe and healthy for animals and humans too!   

What are surfactants, and how do they work?

All Shiny Paw® natural shampoos, body washes, conditioners and detanglers are detergent free, using only a mild non-irritating coconut-based surfactant.   Surfactant molecules attach and surround particles of dirt and oils, holding them in suspension within the water.  So, when you rinse the coat with fresh water, you rinse away the filth and grime.   

What are Amino Modified Conditioners, and why do they matter?

Silk amino acids (also called silk proteins or sericin) are obtained by the hydrolysis of silk - a natural protein fiber. The soft lustrous thread woven by silkworms into a silk cocoon is converted into Amino Modified Conditioners and used in Shiny Paw® shampoos and conditioners to give your pet’s skin a very soft and velvety feel. Silk amino acids also have a certain amount of antioxidant action and are used to prevent coat and skin dehydration.  

What is "Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein" and why is it important? 

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is a key ingredient used in the Shiny Paw® shampoos.   

Wheat proteins are embedded with natural lipids, giving the wheat protein a cationic charge that enables it to not only bond onto your pet’s hair and skin, but also provide a “custom” conditioning by focusing more on the areas that need the “custom” enriched conditioning the most. It gives pet hair better body and control.  It also reduces brittleness and limpness with dramatic effects on damaged hair.  It makes the coat stronger and healthier.  It is proven to penetrate cuticle, provide balanced moisture, nourish hair and skin, and to minimize pores. They help create the beautiful and healthy “Shiny Paw” look. 

Many owners comment on how their pets actually stay cleaner longer when using Shiny Paw® Products! Groomers have noted that scissoring is easier and more efficient when using protein enriched Shiny Paw® shampoos. 

Can Shiny Paw® shampoos help with fleas?

Eucalyptus and Mint Oil formulations have been shown to fight flea problems. Matter of fact, our natural Eucalyptus based dog and cat shampoos are very effective in treating fleas, ticks, lice and mites.  

A helpful hint: Put a few drops of our Shiny Paw® dog shampoo or anti-itch spray on a cloth where your pet sleeps or lies for any period of time. It will add a nice refreshing fragrance while helping to solve the flea problem.   

Can I use Shiny Paw® dog shampoos to wash my cat?

Most of our dog shampoos, and conditioners are gentle and pH-balanced and can be used for a cats’ sensitive skin.  Look on the product description page under the suitability guidance and it will indicate if it can be used for your cat. 

Why can’t I wash my pet with soap instead?

Soaps can dry a pet's skin and leave residue in the fur, causing itching, dandruff and shedding. In addition, topical flea preparations wash off with soap, while most non-soap cleansing formulations will not wash them off. 

Can I use baby shampoo on my pet?

Human shampoos are not as mild and gentle as pet shampoos. Pet skin is more vulnerable and sensitive than human skin. Pets are covered with fur. Human hair does not have the same function. Good pet shampoos have a broad pH-balance to be milder to compensate for this difference. It is always better to use a natural shampoo to protect your pets’ skin.  

Can I use your dog shampoo for my puppy?

Puppies and kittens need a shampoo that is gentle on their tender young coat. Our Shiny Paw® puppy all-natural gentle wheat protein shampoos can also be used on kittens. It provides extra emollient skin activity using a highly effective blend of Lavender and Coconut based cleansers to provide custom conditioning without irritation, while also fighting dandruff common with puppies and kittens.   

Is Shiny Paw® safe to use on other pets besides dogs and cats?

Shiny Paw® works well with hamsters, pot belly pigs, rabbits, horses, goats etc.…. All Shiny Paw® products are formulated with gentle and mild ingredients and are pH-balanced for safe and gentle handling of an animals' sensitive skin.  

How often can I use Shiny Paw® products?

Shiny Paw® products are formulated to be gentle enough for daily use on your pet’s skin and coat!  Many professional groomers & bathers have noted how much softer and healthier their own hands feel after bathing and cleaning pets with Shiny Paw® shampoos and conditioners! Our natural bug repellent can be applied safely and as much as needed as we do not use harmful pesticides.  

Can I use Shiny Paw® with flea & tick control products?

Whether you clean your pet yourself or use a professional groomer, you can use Shiny Paw®. Our products are safe to use with fly & flea control products such as Advantage®, Frontline®, and Bio Spot®.  It will not affect the results promised by these programs.   

How can Shiny Paw® make my animal’s coat feel good and get rid of tangles?

After using a Shiny Paw® shampoo, we suggest that you use our conditioner. Besides being protein enriched, Shiny Paw® conditioners are "emollient".  It means that Shiny Paw® conditioners not only repair damaged coat, but also add “slip” to coats and release loose dead hair, making brushing a breeze, especially on long coats and thick double coats! Furthermore, our highly effective natural detanglers will seal, shine and protect the coat. They will restore moisture to the coat after bathing, and promote detangling and de-matting when fully dried.  

Can I use the Shiny Paw® Glo Whitening shampoo on all dogs or just dogs with white fur coats?

Our Whitening Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated with brighteners and natural whiteners to safely remove ugly gray, yellow and green discoloration and stains from dogs’ coats. It will enhance and restore the natural radiance and luster of white and light coats, and because it contains no bleach or harsh chemicals, it will help brighten any color coat too!   

What should I use if I do not like scented shampoos?

If you or your pets have issues with fragrant formulations, Shiny Paw® offers an all-natural protein enriched therapeutic shampoo that is unscented and color free. Our unique unscented blend of Aloe, Rose Hips and Rosemary will condition and nourish both coat and skin and effectively remove dirt & grime, wrestle mats & tangles and reduce shedding.   

Are our products tearless?

Some of our products are Tearless, such as our unscented and puppy shampoo. A tearless shampoo - while less likely to irritate the eyes - should always be used with common sense precaution to avoid any irritations to the eyes.

Are our products hypoallergenic?

Some of our products are hypoallergenic, such as our nourishing and soothing body wash. Our unscented and puppy shampoos are also hypoallergenic.  

Hypoallergenic simply means less likely to irritate the skin or aggravate allergies.  It is not a guarantee that someone or their pet will not have a reaction. 

Do you have a question?

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