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In 2006, Therapeutic Pet Solutions™, a leading provider of all natural, high-performance pet care products, launched Shiny Paw®, a unique and highly effective blend of pet coat and skin care treatments that combine natural and therapeutic ingredients with fragrant aromatherapy formulations to unleash the gentle cleansing, healing, and restorative power of nature. 

Since ancient times, plant extracts and oils have been used to treat human diseases because of the natural chemical compounds found in the plant leaves, roots, and flowers.  The natural chemicals interacted to become effective medicinal therapies for a variety of issues. 

Today, the active components of plants, herbs, and flowers are purified and synthesized into plant extracts, vitamins, and oils.  These natural remedies and therapies are scientific proof of nature’s healing powers.  

It is this age-proven method that forms the basis of Therapeutic Pet Solutions™ and our Shiny Paw® products. 

The Shiny Paw® All-Natural Problem Solver™ pet coat and skin care product line includes dog shampoos and puppy shampoos, cat shampoos and kitten shampoos, cat and dog conditioners and detanglers, cat and dog ear cleaners, pet anti-itch healing sprays, cat and dog coat fresheners and pet bug repellents.

Our Values

We’re 100% natural so we only develop and provide the highest grade pet products made entirely from natural ingredients.  And, this underlying operating principle will never change – ever!

High value doesn’t have to equal high prices.  In our humble opinion, happy and healthy pets equal real-life value which is, well – priceless for any pet owner. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service excellence and strive to provide our loyal customers and business partners with the best, all natural pet products available.

We don’t deliver empty promises in a bottle.  We adhere to our unwavering brand promise of delivering The Very Best Nature Has to Offer™. 

We will continue to challenge the status quo and lead by example by bringing exceptional pet care solutions to the market.

Pets have the uncanny ability to bring smiles to people’s faces, young and old.  We like to reflect the natural warmth that pets offer and share this love, fun and friendliness with our customers and business partners.

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